-I have health questions I would like to ask Dr. Axe. Where can I submit those questions?

Dr. Axe is unable to give personalized health advice as it relates to this program. Please consult your healthcare provider if you are concerned about the activity level.  Our customer service team is not certified to be able to give specific health advice. It would be a big legal issue for us, as I'm sure you can understand!

Within this program you will have access to a closed Facebook group. This community is a great place to ask questions and my team of ambassadors are there to support you and answer program questions for you along the way.  You will also have access in your membership area to message our programs team with any specific questions you have along the way about your program.

You are very important to us, and your health concerns and nutritional needs deserve to be addressed by a healthcare professional with a more complete understanding of your medical history.

Since Dr. Axe is not available for patient appointments, he does recommend www.maximizedliving.com to find a like-minded practitioner in your area.

In addition, you may be able to find more details on your request by searching the article archives on https://draxe.com/start-here