- My health issues are complex, how can I get specific health advice or supplement dose advice from Dr. Axe?

Unfortunately, Dr. Axe cannot give personalized advice outside the doctor-patient relationship. Please seek the advice and support of your medical doctor or naturopath regarding your health-related questions. Our customer service team is not certified to be able to give specific health advice. 

You are very important to us, and your health concerns and nutritional needs deserve to be addressed by a healthcare professional with a more complete understanding of your medical history.

Since Dr. Axe is not available for patient appointments, he does recommend www.maximizedliving.com to find a like-minded practitioner in your area.

In addition, you may be able to find more details on your request by searching the article archives on https://draxe.com/start-here

From all of us here at the DrAxe.com family, we wish you the best on your health journey!