- What does the Healing Leaky Gut Program involve?

The Healing Leaky Gut Program is highly individualized, according to personal health issues.  It is divided into five leaky gut categories with individualized plans and protocols for each gut type.  There is a quiz when you register to find out which gut type is affecting you the most.  From the symptoms and health issues you listed, there will be a specific plan for you, with food lists, meal plans, supplementation recommendations, and information provided on strengthening immunity and healing autoimmune disease by healing the gut.

You will of course want to seek recommendation from your physician while on this program for specific health inquires and concerns and supplementation recommendations.  However, when you register for the program, you will have access to a Leaky Gut Tour Guide, and a private Facebook group, where a team of Ambassadors will answer program questions for you and support you the whole way.  We have heard many encouraging testimonies from this Healing Leaky Gut Program as it gets to the root of the issue (leaky gut.)

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