- Where are the ingredients sourced?

The ingredients are sourced domestically and all over the world! Certain herbs are indigenous to other countries and don’t grow in the United States. (For example, ashwagandha can only grow up in the mountains and in high altitudes.) We'll let Dr. Axe explain our sourcing details below:

Bone Broth Protein is a natural product tested free of GMOs and is one of the cleanest protein sources I have ever seen!  The chickens are sourced domestically and Bone Broth Protein is made in the US.  While Bone Broth Protein is not certified organic, I have complete confidence that this is the best Bone Broth supplement on the market today!

Bone Broth Protein is sourced exclusively from US farms in the Midwest. Due to the multiple farm sources, there is currently not a free range standard for our product. We are working aggressively to establish and verify Animal Wellness Certification standards throughout our entire supply chain.