Where are your organic ingredients sourced?

The ingredients for our proteins come from some of the highest-quality sources available! For example, our organic chickens are raised on certified organic, GMO free farms in Missouri. In short, we strive to bring you the freshest ingredients from the highest-quality organic sources possible!

Our products are Soy Free, Gluten Free, Wheat Free! This product is non-GMO and is one of the cleanest protein sources we have ever seen!

As a company, we have always practiced as a company to create clean supplements but these new supplements are “certified organic,” meaning that we have passed all the USDA testing and certifications for Certified Organic status. Keep in mind that Dr. Axe would only promote a supplement that he believes to be the best on the market. He takes them, and he believes in them so much that he recommends them to his family and loved ones. 

The online store provides nutrition labels and complete ingredient lists for the other flavors, easily viewed on the individual product pages. (Next to the image of the product, there is a separate picture of the nutrition label. Click the thumbnail to view a larger size.)