**How is Subscribe and Save different from regular orders and how do I get signed up?**

Getting started with Subscribe and Save: 

  1. Create an account in the store! This page will show you how to do that. 
  2. When shopping for product, click to the subscribe and save price instead of the one-time purchase

3. From there you can edit your account and start benefiting from the many perks! Go HERE to see how easy it is! 

There are many extra perks for our subscribe and save members but the main perk is that you save money!   You will get 15% off of all of your orders plus other benefits shown below! 

When that first order is placed, you will be tagged in our system as an "Active Subscriber" then anytime you are logged back in the store to purchase, you will receive double points for your orders. 

If you ever have any questions about the details of your rewards or points, our support team can help! 

They are available Monday through Friday 8am-6pm CST at 1-855-803-1275 or help@draxe.com