- I follow an alternative diet (vegan, vegetarian, etc.). Are the Adrenal Cortisol Solution meal plans compatible with my preferences?

Many of the recipes in the Adrenal Cortisol Solution program do contain meat and/or egg in them but there area also many non-meat and vegan friendly options listed in an adrenal protocol also. While Dr. Axe doesn't follow a vegan lifestyle himself, there have been many vegans to follow through with his programs and enjoy them! There are many options on the healing foods list that can be used as alternatives and you can substitute out any foods that you are not able to eat if they are listed in a recipe. 

If you are interested to jump on in and look into the program , Dr. Axe has a 60 day money back assurance. 

Here is the link to purchase ACS- https://my.draxe.com/acs-program but let em know if you have any more questions!