Healing Leaky Gut Program FAQ

Q.  I want to purchase the Healing Leaky Gut program, but what if I can't start the program right away?

A.  You will have lifetime access to the materials as well as a closed Facebook group to find extra support and community. This is a self-paced program so if you purchase today, you can begin your gut- health journey when the time is right for you!   Order Here

Q. I am overwhelmed & not sure where to begin! What do I do now?

A. We are here to help you! Just reach out to our HLG team from within your membership area and our team will give you some great beginner steps & can help you each step of the way! There is a message button at the lower right corner & you can reach out to our HLG team there! 

Q. I need some help understanding this program. Can I talk to someone? 

A. Yes, in the program, there is a message button at the lower right corner & you can reach out to our HLG team there to schedule a phone call from our HLG team. 

Q.  Will I receive DVDs and books with my purchase?

A.   This is a digital program.  All materials are posted to an online account.  You may print these materials or download the materials to your laptop/computer.  Dr. Axe designed this program to give you immediate access.  This format will allow you to begin your Healing Leaky Gut journey right away!

Q.   Since this is a digital program, which devices can I use to access it?

A.   For best results, access your account from your laptop or PC and use Google Chrome as your browser.  These files are very large so using a computer may be faster but you should be able to access these programs from any device. 

Q.   Since the program is digital, how long will I have access to the information?

A.  You actually have LIFETIME access to all of the material for the program located in your personal membership area! We hope that helps you to relax and be able to take a deep breath and go at your own pace. Enjoy and let us know if you have any questions along the way or as you get started!  

Q. I have lost the link to get back into my membership area for the program!

A. No problem! Here is the link for your membership area where you enter your email and password-https://my.draxe.com/hlg-membership-area  You may want to bookmark this so that you can quickly and easily access your information. 

Q.   I follow an alternative diet (vegan, vegetarian, etc.).  Are these meal plans compatible with my preferences?

A.   Dr. Axe’s meal plans are not specifically designed for vegan/vegetarian preferences, but the recipes are easily modified. The “Nourishing Foods” list along with the meal plans provide a vital guide for all dietary lifestyles.  Dr. Axe does include some recipe suggestions for Vegans and alternative stock recipes but all of the plans can be altered to fit your lifestyle. 

Q. Should I do a cleanse before I start this program?

A. You may decide to do a cleanse before starting this program or you may want to jump right in to the program and start following the dietary changes. It is up to you but if you do have any concerns be sure to consult your personal doctor who knows your medical history. 

Q. I have had my gallbladder removed, can I still do this program?

A. Dr. Axe speaks directly about those with gallbladder issues in the program offering suggestions and information, but if you are concerned always consult your doctor who will know your current medical status. 

Q.   I have health issues I would like to discuss with Dr. Axe before beginning the Healing Leaky Gut program.  Where may I submit my questions?

A.  Dr. Axe is unable to give personalized health advice as it relates to this program. Please consult your healthcare provider if you are concerned about the activity level.  Within this program you will have access to a closed Facebook group for peer support but it is always best to consult a personal doctor if you are concerned about your current medical status. 

Q.   I’ve purchased the program but cannot access my account.  Can someone please help?

A.   Yes! We have a Customer Support team devoted to assisting you.  Please email HLG@DrAxe.com, subj: Access or call us live at (855) 369-2216 Monday - Friday 9am - 3pm CST.

Q.   I accidentally purchased this program twice. Help! How do I get that second charge refunded?

A.   No problem!  Our customer support team will be happy to help.  Simply email Refunds@DrAxe.com, subj: Duplicate.  This will ensure the fastest response to your request.

Q.   I purchased your program but am not convinced it’s for me.  What do I do now?

A.   A programs specialist would love to help you with a refund for your online program if you are within our 60-day money back guarantee.

To talk to a program specialist about a refund for your online program, please either call 855-369-2216 on Monday through Friday from 9am-3pm CST

Or if that time doesn’t work for you, you can schedule a specific call time by clicking HERE to set up a phone appointment and a program specialist will contact you.

Q. I'm having trouble getting pages to load & it is loading the incorrect page.  Do you have any tech tips to help me get this information?

A.  Please know that for best results, you should access your account from your laptop or PC and use Google Chrome as your browser (Internet Explorer and Safari don't load images and video quickly enough).

Also, you may find that clearing your cache will remedy any outstanding technical difficulties. Here's a quick how to for you: Tips to Clear Your Cache