Rewards for my Subscribe and Save order

New for you!

Subscribe & Save customers can now redeem their Dr. Axe rewards points to add rewards products directly to your subscription orders, eliminating the need to make a separate purchase.

FAQs to help navigate this new perk!

Q. I don’t see an option to add rewards in my account section, where do I find it?

A. You will receive an email notification four days prior to your upcoming charge date. This email includes a link to redeem rewards within the subscriptions dashboard of you account. You'll have the ability to add or remove rewards to your upcoming subscription order at any point during this four-day window prior to shipment.

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Q. Do I need to make a one-time purchase in order to redeem rewards?

A. You do not. Simply add the reward(s) and they will get sent out with your upcoming recurring subscription order.

Q. What if I add a reward, but change my mind and want to remove it?

A. Once your reward is added, you will see it displayed below your upcoming subscription listing. There will be a ‘remove’ button available until the order ships out. If removed, your account will be credited back the points that were used for the reward redemption.

Q. I missed the upcoming delivery window, how can I still redeem my rewards?

A. If you missed your delivery window, you still have the option to either add rewards to your regular one-time orders, or wait for your next upcoming subscription order.